Pro Comfort Screwdrivers 10 Piece Set

Pro Comfort Screwdrivers 10 Piece Set

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Pro Comfort Screwdrivers 10 Piece Set Features:

  • Dual Material Trilobular handle for an ergonomic grip
  • Black phosphate magnetic tip for improved screw alignment, easy driving and extended life of tip
  • Dual material injected handle for greater comfort in use
  • Chrome vanadium shaft with corrosion protection
Set Includes:
Screwdriver PZ #0 x 80mm
Screwdriver PZ #1 x 100mm
Screwdriver PZ #2 x 30mm
Screwdriver PZ #2 x 125mm
Screwdriver PHILLIPS #1 x 100mm
Screwdriver PHILLIPS #2 x 125mm
Screwdriver PARALLEL 3mm x 100mm
Screwdriver SLOTTED 5.5mm x 100mm
Screwdriver SLOTTED 6.5mm x 150mm
Screwdriver SLOTTED 8mm x 150mm

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Item #Description
1951882Set includes: Screwdriver PZ #0 x 80mm, Screwdriver PZ #1 x 100mm, Screwdriver PZ #2 x 30mm, Screwdriver PZ #2 x 125mm, Screwdriver PHILLIPS #1 x 100mm, Screwdriver PHILLIPS #2 x 125mm, Screwdriver PARALLEL 3mm x 100mm, Screwdriver SLOTTED 5.5mm x 100mm, Screwdriver SLOTTED 6.5mm x 150mm, Screwdriver SLOTTED 8mm x 150mm