Guides for Copper

Guides for Copper

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Guides for Copper Features:

Formers and guides are not supplied with IRWIN® bending machines. Simply read along the line to select the correct former or former and guides for the application. These capabilities are maximum recommended capacities.

NOTE: Not all products are currently listed on our website. If you don't see the specific product you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance

Item #DescriptionEAN
T560053TUL223/CM42/K3B - 42mm0686182000184
T560851GLM - 12mm0686182001549
T56085215MM GUIDE-ALUMINIUM0686182000047
T56085322MM GUIDE-ALUMINIUM0686182003062
T56100628MM GUIDE-ALUMINIUM0686182000160
T56100835MM GUIDE-ALUMINIUM0686182000177
T5633421/2 GLM GUIDE-ALUMINIUM0686182001464
T563411CM Range/K3B - 1-1/8”0686182002263
T563412TUL223/CM Range/K3B - 1-3/8” od0686182002348
T563413TUL223/CM42/K3B - 1-5/8”0686182002270
T5910507/8 GLM GUIDE-ALUMINIUM0686182001501
T591077GLM - 3/4” od0734442174011
TG3A1521TUL223/CM Range - 1/2” nb0734442146643
TG3A2156TUL223 - 3/4” nb0734442146766
TG3A2832TUL223 - 1” nb0734442146889