Replacement Plane Cutters

IRWIN Replacement Plane Cutters

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Replacement Plane Cutters Features:

IRWIN Record bring decades of experience, well proven design and advanced production techniques to produce this fine range of woodworking planes.

Tungsten vanadium irons with unique quality assurance are specially developed for Record. The special steel used in these irons will take a razor sharp edge and hold it longer even when used on the hardest woods. Every blade is subjected to quality control testing.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
T0220DPlane Cutter 0220, 09-1/2'', 060-1/2'', 01200734442057963
T778DPlane Cutter 7780734442058809
TA151BPlane Cutter A151, A151R0734442058922
TSI2Plane Cutter 04, 05, SP4, SP50734442056522
TSI238Plane Cutter 04'', 1/2", 05, 06, 070734442056645