Unibit Step Drills

Unibit Step Drills

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Unibit Step Drills Features:

  • Single flute for maximum drilling control into sheet metal.
  • Unique flute design ensures perfect round holes in sheet metal.
  • Self-centring point - will not walk. Eliminates centre punching.
  • Made from industrial grade M7 high speed steel.
  • Flatted shank prevents the drill bit from slipping in the chuck.

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Item #DescriptionBar Code Number
10502850UNIBIT 1M, 9 Hole, 4-12 mm038548111018
10502851UNIBIT 2M, 5 Hole, 4-12 mm038548111025
10502852UNIBIT 3M, 7 Hole, 6-18 mm038548111032
10502853UNIBIT 4M, 10 Hole, 4-22 mm038548111049
10502854UNIBIT 5M, 13 Hole, 5-35 mm038548111056
10502855UNIBIT PG29M, 10 Hole, 5-28,3 mm038548111940
10502856UNIBIT 29MM, 10 Hole, 5-29 mm038548111957
10502857UNIBIT ISO/PG, 13 Hole, 5-32,5 mm038548111964