IRWIN Multi Circular Saw Blades

Irwin Multi Circular Saw Blades

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IRWIN Multi Circular Saw Blades Features:

  • Expansion slots to dissipate heat and prevent warping
  • Construction grade tungsten carbide tips retain their edge longer and are resharpenable
  • Fully hardened plate
  • Triple Chip Grind tooth (TCG) for excellent finish of the cut
  • Corrosion resistant coating for longer quality performance
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Item #DescriptionCategoryDiameterTooth
1897437IR MM CSB 160mm/48TMulti16048202.4TCG
1897438IR MM CSB 165mm/48TMulti16548302.4TCG
1897439IR MM CSB 184mm/48TMulti18448302.4TCG
1897440IR MM CSB 190mm/48TMulti19048302.4TCG
1897441IR MM CSB 210mm/60TMulti21060302.4TCG
1897442IR MM CSB 216mm/84TMulti21684302.4TCG
1897443IR MM CSB 250mm/84TMulti25084302.4TCG
1897444IR MM CSB 254mm/84TMulti25484302.4TCG
1897445IR MM CSB 260mm/84TMulti26084302.4TCG
1897446IR MM CSB 300mm/96TMulti30096302.4TCG
1897447IR MM CSB 305mm/84TMulti30584302.4TCG